Terry Lee

Math & Science Tutor

Math & Science Tutor

Terrence.t.lee@gmail.com | (612) 298-8733

Terrence holds a B.S. in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and currently has 14 years of experience as a test prep instructor with The English Tutor’s program with proven results. As a gifted high school math student, Terrence participated for 4 years in the University of Minnesota’s Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP), scored in the 99th percentile on both the ACT and the SAT, and was recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Terrence’s instructional background started in high school where he tutored other students in Chemistry and Physics and worked as a swimming instructor. While at the U of M, Terrence tutored undergraduates for two years in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics through the U of M's Institute of Technology (IT) tutoring program. In his field as a medical device engineer, Terrence also has served as a mentor to aspiring engineers through the IT mentoring program. Terrence relates well to and is comfortable with students of all ages as is evident in his work as a mentor for foreign exchange students and with several children's programs (Miracle Kids Triathlon, Twin Cities Marathon Family Events).

Specializes in Math & Science Prep for ACT, SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, & AP Exams; AB/BC Calc; Trig; Geometry; Algebra; Statistics; College Level Math; Physics; Chemistry