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In an ever-competitive global economy, parents want to make sure their children are prepared for their next academic experience. Let The English Tutor’s skilled teachers with Master’s Degrees provide enrichment and enhancement to your children’s education and prepare them for their next steps.

“I’m normally a straight A student, but I wasn’t prepared for the college biology course I took in high school. With the help of Ashley from The English Tutor, I was able to achieve an A- in biology and A’s in my other classes while also improving my critical thinking and reading skills.” – Esther (student)

“Terry Lee is a true professional! He was very accommodating, smart, efficient with time, and an expert in math and science. Actually, he really can help in any area! Honestly, he was the best tutor we have ever had!” – Lesli (parent)

English: 9th-12th grade writing and literature

Math: 6th-12th grade; all classes, all levels including AP & IB

Science: 6th-12th grade; all classes, all levels including AP & IB

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