Test Prep Tutoring

Getting into college today has become increasingly competitive and enormously expensive.

Higher test scores can increase your child’s chances of acceptance into his top college choices, and merit scholarship money from ACT scores can help make college more affordable.

“Thank you English Tutor! Going from a 30 to a 32 score on the ACT made our daughter eligible for an additional $40,000 in scholarships over four years, making it possible for Tory to attend her college of first choice.” – Tom (parent)

“My daughter learned testing skills and strategies from her tutors and went from a 23 to a 27 over multiple testing periods, securing thousands more in presidential scholarships which allowed her to attend her preferred college. We are very thankful to have discovered The English Tutor.” – Kristin (parent)

Test prep tutors with the English Tutor are seasoned teachers with Master’s Degrees or working professionals with over 15 years of experience in careers related to high school curriculum. All have been trained in a proven methodology of test prep developed by The English Tutor that gets results.

The ACT Plus Writing Test is accepted at all 4-year colleges nationwide, and this achievement test is far easier than the SAT, which is largely an aptitude test.

ACT Test Prep:

The English Tutor breaks down ACT prep into three phases:

  1. the Learning Phase: high level of instruction and guidance by tutor; some in-session practice time; most practice done at home; (the learning phase always applies to a student’s weakest area(s), even if other areas show some mastery level)

  2. the Practice Phase: less in-session instruction and guidance by tutor and more authentic practice against the clock; practice at home, too

  3. the Refinement Phase: focus on weak areas and work on accuracy and speed; usually happens after multiple tests and after 16-18+ hours of prep; for highly skilled students this may happen before the first test


ACT sessions are generally held once a week for an hour with each respective tutor: English/Reading (ELA) and Math/Science (STEM) tutor.

Homework is assigned in between sessions. Most students need 16-24 hours of prep spread out over the 4 subject areas and over 2-4 testing periods in order to maximize their scores. However, those very bright or gifted students who test extraordinarily well may only need 6-10 hours of prep that focuses on laser refinement, while those with math or reading deficiencies, high-test anxiety, and/poor testing skills may need closer to 22-28 hours spread throughout the 4 subject areas over 3-5 testing periods. We do NOT run classroom style prep sessions where kids of all cognitive and testing abilities are prepping together because this does not tailor the session to your child’s strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, wrong answers, etc.

Time Management:

To help manage time, The English Tutor suggests that students purchase the Test Buddy ACT Watch from Amazon ($34.99). Most students cannot finish the Reading or the Science tests on time. We teach kids pacing strategies to help with this, so we like them to have a watch to practice with at home, during their sessions with us, and the day of the test! This is an ACT-legal watch because it doesn’t beep.

Additionally, to help with time, The English Tutor offers a SWIFT (Speed-Reading) class several times a year before national offerings of the ACT.

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