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Kristin Edwards holds a B.A. in English Literature from St. Mary’s University, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Boston College, and an Educational Consulting Certificate from the University of California, Irvine. Kristin has 10 years of ACT test prep experience with The English Tutor with proven results. In addition to her experience in test prep, Kristin has years of experience as a high school English teacher and college consultant. Her experience in the classroom has helped her hone her ability to engage all types of learners and modify instruction to meet the individual needs of each student with whom she works.

Kristin’s experience working with families as a college consultant gives her a unique perspective that the role of ACT/SAT test scores play in the college admissions process. She uses this insider information to craft a testing plan for students as they work to achieve their college admissions goals. The hallmark of Kristin’s professionalism is attention to detail, the ability to engage even the most reluctant learner, open and consistent communication with parents, and an energetic and engaging teaching style. Kristin often hears from parents that their child tells them ACT prep is fun! Kristin acknowledges that it IS fun to see kids have “aha” moments and reach their maximum potential! After working with countless students one-on-one, Kristin knows the profound impact that an individualized approach to learning can make for students. She is thrilled to be able to offer this one-on-one approach to test prep to students as part of The English Tutor.

Specializes in English and Reading ACT prep; Writing; College Essays

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