Client Testimonials

“You have helped me reach my full potential and in doing so get into schools I never would have otherwise.”
– Jon, Student

“Thank you for your talent, commitment, organization and boundless encouragement.We feel deeply blessed.”
– Tracy, Parent

“Not only have you taught me to be a better student, but also ultimately a better individual.”
– Natalie, Student

“Rosemary identified a learning disability that my daughter had in a very short amount of time. My daughter had learned to compensate over the years, and as a result, no one else was able to identify why she was a poor tester. Learning that she had dyslexia, Rosemary helped her to work with it. Rosemary helped us by writing a letter to the ACT testing company, and although she was not granted extra time, my daughter's self-esteem went up. I would highly recommend Rosemary. It is well worth the money.”
– Rene, Parent

“Your care and concern, thoroughness and efficiency are unparalleled!”
– Kathryn, Parent

“We are thrilled with our daughter’s scores and so is she! We genuinely attribute her very strong performance to being as thoroughly prepared as possible and that part is thanks to YOU! While my daughter has the innate intelligence, you certainly focused on her weaker areas, and taught her ways to think more critically and analytically.”
– Judy, Parent

“You opened up a whole new world for our son! We are thrilled with his test results and pleased that he has been accepted to several colleges and has options between schools of his choice.”
– David, Parent

“Thanks for the awesome support over the years and being the ultimate ‘English Tutor’!”
– Kenton, Student

“Your compassion and love for teaching astounds me and inspires me more and more every time I see you.”
– Megan, Student

“I want to thank you for all of the hard work and support you have given our son.He left this morning (for the ACT) with an air of confidence. You have done a great deal to improve his self confidence.”
– Patti, Parent


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